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Sugars That Aren’t So Sweet, Part I Aspartame November 7, 2008

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Sugar is delicious, but we all know it should be consumed in small quantities.  This can be difficult since things like soda, ice cream, candy, chocolate and a lot of other goodies are packed with sugar.  Companies in the food industry love using all kinds of sugar in their products because it’ll keep you coming back for more.  There are several kinds of sugars on the market today, the most common are: high fructose corn syrup, white table sugar (sucrose), aspartame, and sucralose.  Aspartame and sucralose are relatively new sugar substitutes that are very harmful to the human body.

If you drink diet soda, chew gum, use vitamin supplements or use sugar substitutes, like NutraSweet and Equal, you should be aware of the ingredient aspartame.  Aspartame is approximately 90% amino acids and 10% methanol.  The human body does not have the correct enzymes to break down methanol.  So instead of breaking it down, formaldehyde is formed.  Formaldehyde is known to be toxic and carcinogenic.  The formaldehyde build up from aspartame consumption is known to cause damage to the immune system, nervous system, and irreversible genetic damage at very low-level, long-term exposure.

How did this get into our food?  Food industries, as I’ve said before, care more about making money than they do about your health.  Aspartame was denied approval by the FDA 8 times, so they pulled some strings in order to get it approved for small quantities in dry food.  Over the years they were able to get it into a wide variety of foods, despite the fact that the FDA has documented 92 different side effects ranging from joint pain, blurred vision, depression, anxiety, brain lesions and bladder cancer.  The only reason why aspartame is on the market is because it is cheap to produce and companies are able to make billions of dollars off Americans who think they are buying a diet product.

Sorry guys, aspartame, and diet sodas are NOT diet products.

I understand a lot of you love diet soda or sugar substitutes because you don’t want to consume regular sugar.  Maybe you’d rather have a little formaldehyde in your body than gain weight from sugars.  The problem is that diet soda will not make you any less fat than regular soda.  This is because aspartame has a pH of 1.5.  Time for a quick chem review.  The pH scale, which we all know and love from chemistry class, goes from 1 to 14.  Substances testing below 7 are acidic, 7 is neutral, over 7 are alkaline.  Your body wants a pH of 7.365, slightly alkaline, and will continually try to balance itself.  Naturally occurring foods will generally have a pH between 5 and 9.  So, aspartame, having a pH of 1.5, is very acidic to the body.  If I eat aspartame my body will balance itself right?  Right, but not without pulling calcium and other alkaline minerals from your bones to neutralize the acid.  I’ll remind you here that osteoporosis is very prevalent in our soda-loving country.  Wait there’s more, not only does it pull calcium from your bones, but it will also produce fat cells to keep the acid away from the vital organs.  This diet sugar is not really a diet food after all.

I know that I may be causing an uproar among diabetics who often turn to artificial sweeteners over the high glycemic sugars like high fructose corn syrup and table sugar.  But, there is controversy over whether aspartame is safe for diabetics.  Don’t worry there are two natural sweeteners that most people have never heard of, stevia and agave nectar.  Whether you’re diabetic or just interested in getting aspartame out of your diet I would recommend these two foods, that’s right FOODS, not additives.  They are not only tasty, but also low on the glycemic index, which means they release energy into your body at a slow rate. You can even buy stevia in little sugar packets if you like to sweeten your coffee or other drinks!


3 Responses to “Sugars That Aren’t So Sweet, Part I Aspartame”

  1. Shane Says:

    I love Stevia. I drink a natural energy drink sweetened with Stevia and it tastes awesome. i wonder what is really going on with aspartame? I suffered from (what I have come to believe was) a methanol overdose. I could not move at times, see, drive, think straight, function…I totally felt like I was going to lose consciuosness and never wake up. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. The doctors told me I had MS among other things. Check out my blog:

  2. Michelle Says:

    People always say that organic foods are too expensive. Why don’t they spend less money on unimportant things, less money on binging and more on healthy foods? Obama’s acceptance speech made me think our country is going to change a lot. I really hope that people become more aware and that a reorganization of our economy begins to happen. Although it will take a long time, I really hope that our country lives up to its potential. Am I an idealist? Or am i just hoping for something that we should take responsibility for as the wealthiest country with the potential to be very humanitarian and enlightened?

  3. Yvette Says:

    We both are idealists.
    Unfortunately people are more concerned with Hi-def tvs and iphones, etc and less concerned with their health, that is until it diminishes.
    The problem with being one of the wealthiest nations, is that people will want to stay wealthy. If there is change, many many people will lose money. We have three cash crops, corn, wheat and soy and if we had more agricultural diversity many people would lose money off of cheaply made sugar additives (high fructose corn syrup). Most of the time people with money don’t care, so wealthy and humanitarian don’t always go hand in hand.

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