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Aspartame Poisoning November 15, 2008

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Here’s a little more information on aspartame.

If you’re curious about aspartame read my previous post, if you haven’t already, because if you consume the following products it is likely that you are consuming aspartame: “diet soda, over-the-counter drugs & prescription drugs (very common and listed under “inactive ingredients”), vitamin & herb supplements, yogurt, instant breakfasts, candy, breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, coffee beverages, instant breakfasts, gelatin desserts, frozen desserts, juice beverages, laxatives, milk drinks, shake mixes, tabletop sweeteners, tea beverages, instant teas and coffees, topping mixes, wine coolers, etc.”***  Also beware of the phrases “no sugar added” or “sugar free” this usually means there is some kind of artificial sweetener added.  It’s upsetting that this additive is used frequently, yet not many people are aware of the side effects.  My hope is that after reading this you will be an informed consumer.

I was inspired by Shane’s comment my previous post about aspartame to write more about this topic.  She said that her doctor thought she had MS, and she feels she may have had methanol overdose because of the aspartame.  This often seems to be the case, but read for yourself.  Here is a list of the 92 symptoms the FDA states aspartame can cause and several diseases it can mimic:

Abdominal Pain
Anxiety attacks
Asthmatic Reactions
Bloating, Edema (Fluid Retention)
Blood Sugar Control Problems (Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia)
Brain Cancer (Pre-approval studies in animals)
Breathing difficulties
burning eyes or throat
Burning Urination
can't think straight
Chest Pains
chronic cough
Chronic Fatigue
Excessive Thirst or Hunger
feel unreal
flushing of face
Hair Loss (Baldness) or Thinning of Hair
Headaches/Migraines dizziness
Hearing Loss
Heart palpitations
Hives (Urticaria)
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Impotency and Sexual Problems
inability to concentrate
Infection Susceptibility
Joint Pains
"like thinking in a fog"
Marked Personality Changes
Memory loss
Menstrual Problems or Changes
Migraines and Severe Headaches (Trigger or Cause From Chronic Intake)
Muscle spasms
Nausea or Vomiting
Numbness or Tingling of Extremities
Other Allergic-Like Reactions
Panic Attacks
poor memory
Rapid Heart Beat
Seizures and Convulsions
Slurring of Speech
Swallowing Pain
Vision Loss
Weight gain

Aspartame Disease Mimics Symptoms or Worsens the Following Diseases

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Parkinson's Disease
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)
Diabetes and Diabetic Complications
Alzheimer's Disease
Birth Defects
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Panic Disorder
Depression and other Psychological Disorders

There are no benefits to consuming aspartame and this additive hinders brain functioning.  The presence of phenylalanine promotes cancer growth and aspartame is about 50% phenylalanine.  So, there is no downside to ending your consumption of this additive.  If you need alternatives see my previous post about aspartame.  If you are a regular consumer, I would strongly recommend going 60 days without ingesting any aspartame to see if you notice a difference in the way you feel.

Not everyone is effected similarly by aspartame, my Aunt developed bladder cancer, several people have died or been permanently brain damaged, while others may ingest aspartame and not feel any effects.  Similarly some people can smoke Marlboro Reds until they are at the ripe age of 94, and others can die from pulmonary dystrophy without ever smoking a cigarette.  Now that you know the effects of aspartame you can decide if you want to take the risk.

***quoting Betty Martini


10 Responses to “Aspartame Poisoning”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I’ve been checking my ingredients lists recently (thanks to you), but I haven’t found anything with Aspartame in it. Is this because I’m eating healthy, or is Aspartame found in other ingredients?

  2. Yvette Says:

    Some products may say phenylalanine instead of aspartame, like breath mints or gum. But if you haven’t found it, then that’s awesome 🙂

  3. Michelle Says:

    Quite an awful additive. Lately everywhere I go there is unhealthy food. I feel so trapped.
    I wonder how aspartame contributes to anxiety.
    What would it take to make the food industry evolve into having a more humanitarian mission statement?

  4. Yvette Says:

    Changing your brain chemistry would often lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety.
    I think that some people are becoming more humanitarian. I just had an hour long phone conversation with one of Andrew’s friends who is a nutritionist. Instead of the band-aid method that Americans usually take, this company is promoting preventative medicine. I think as our food system gets worse, people will realize our nation is SICK.
    Like the Tao-Te-Ching says, there can be no good without evil. There are caring people out there, you just have to listen and try your best to avoid all the crap the Big Businesses feed you (literally and figuratively).
    love you sis and try and eat some goji berries 🙂

  5. Michelle Says:

    Thanks for reading that article I posted. I havn’t found any goji berries around here. But my eyes are definitely open to them! It isn’t easy to maintain health on a college campus. It’s unfortunate. One either has to make an effort or concede to her surroundings and focus on self improvement in other realms.

  6. Shane Says:

    Become informed, take baby steps, never feel guilt or confusion about what you should or shouldn’t be eating. Search out new products online if necessary (college chick that means you!) and then share them with your friends and family. It is getting easier to find healthier choices in food and drinks as the pressure from consumers is literally changing what types of products we see on our grocery store shelves and in our restaurants. Talk openly about the information you find (on this blog and others) and get people thinking about the possibility that as a collective nation, we are getting sicker and at younger ages from the toxins all around us…in our food, air, water and personal care products. Can you feel it? I can…society is waking up to this unsafe world we live in and realizing our individual choices can collectively change and save the health of our nation and our world.

  7. Suzanne Says:

    aspartame aKa E951 aKa NutraSweet aKa phenylalanine –> yummmmmmmy .
    I do chew sugarless gum though, but thats a trade off for the good of my teeth…. maybe

  8. amara Says:

    im chewing gum(juicy friut) that has aspartame. how many peices can u have at once to get overdose? my friend ate more than 6 or 7 and got food posining

    • Yvette Says:

      I’m sorry I have no idea, you’d have to ask a doctor.

    • Yvette Says:

      I’m sorry to get back to you again so late, but honestly from what I’ve read aspartame poisoning occurs over a long period of time. It’s not like alcohol or cocaine where in one sitting you can kill yourself. I would try some different gum though, nowadays it is easy to find healthy tasty alternatives.

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