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Sugars That Aren’t So Sweet Part II Sucralose November 30, 2008

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Hopefully you’ve all read Part I where I discuss the dangers of aspartame.  Now, we’ll discuss the other popular sugar substitute, sucralose.  Sucralose which is Splenda, can be found in sports drinks or so called “healthy drinks” like the funky looking Fuze.

Sucralose contains methanol, which I talked about in Part I, and arsenic!  I’m sure you all know of arsenic, which is poison.  This poison is not only toxic to our bodies, but is known to cause certain types of cancer.  So, as your intake of arsenic increases so does your risk of lung, bladder and kidney cancer.  The U.S. is one of the only developed countries that regulates what can be considered a “safe level” of arsenic for food or drinks.  Wonderful.

Sucralose claims it is better than aspartame because it is made from real sugar.  Don’t be fooled sucralose is still a synthetic food, it is made by chlorinating sugar.  The common claim is that adding chlorine to sucrose (table sugar) to make sucralose makes it’s structure similar to salt (NaCl).  In reality adding the chlorine to the sucrose molecule makes it’s structure much more similar to a pesticide than sucrose (table sugar).  For those of you who have heard that this artificial sweetener passes through your body undigested, think again.  Studies have shown that about 15% is absorbed by the body.

A little packet containing pesticide-like substances, arsenic and methanol in your morning coffee doesn’t sound too tasty does it?

This product has been around for about 20 years, and there have been 110 animal/human tests on it.  Most of the tests conducted were over several months or weeks, not long term studies.  Even though FDA claims it is safe, without sufficient testing the general public will end up being guinea pigs.

So, if you want to cut down on your intake of aspartame and sucralose, I would recommend checking the ingredient lists on the products you buy from time to time.  Usually diet foods that claim “no sugar added” or “sugar free” have one of the two ingredients.  Either of the two are commonly found in diet soda, gum, breath mints and red bull.  Be safe and be healthy!


2 Responses to “Sugars That Aren’t So Sweet Part II Sucralose”

  1. Shane Says:

    I just do not think that people realize the short amount of test time on food additives as well as medications! I feel it is truly the public which are test rats for all of these things. Plus big money is involved and it takes cutting through red tape to get any changes made. Check out my blog for a ton of info on Environmental Health and Wellness!!! Check out my story about phemylalanine/aspartame…it will blow your mind…or you may choose to not investigate further and continue to ingest aspartame…your choice. Just remember that knowledge is power. Empower yourself with the ability to make informed consumer choices!! Take care and thanks for a great blog.

  2. Yvette Says:

    Thanks for your support Shane, my family teases me about being a health nut! And your blog is awesome as well, hopefully people will factor us in when reaching for the diet soda.

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