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Good Fat, Bad Fat and Weight Loss August 10, 2009

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First I do want to apologize for slacking on my posts, life gets busy!

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard at some point in your life that there are good fats and bad fats.  Some people are afraid of fat altogether, but for proper brain functioning we need a good amount of fat in our diet.  Our brains are composed of 60% fat and it needs to be replenished daily.   There are three basic categories unsaturated fats, saturated fats, and transfats.

Transfats should be avoided at all costs (see my post on Hydrogenated fats and Transfats).  These types of fats do not occur naturally and cause a whole slew of problems such as heart disease, cancer and obesity.  As for saturated and unsaturated fat, in general you would want to eat more of the latter.  Neither are harmful to the body, unless they come in large quantities.

Many people avoid fat in general because of weight gain.  The problem with a lot of the fat we ingest is that it is cooked fat, when food is cooked the enzymes die.  Why do we care if the enzymes die?  The enzymes are needed to break down the fat in a way the body can use.  When the enzymes are not present the body pulls enzymes from the pancreas, but it can not always obtain enough so the undigested fats are stored along the waistline.  When you consistently eat cooked fats more and more fat will be stored along the waistline and other fatty areas of the body.  Raw fats contain the enzyme (lipase) needed to break down fat.  Not only will these raw fats break down the fats in the food you are currently eating, but the extra lipase enzymes will break down any stored fats.  So eating raw fats will help counter-act the effects of eating cooked fats.

Some sources of raw fats would be avocadoes, sun-dried olives, raw nuts and seeds.  If you are going to eat cooked fats, then it is a good idea to add one of the foods listed above so there are some lipase enzymes present in your stomach and intestines during the meal.  This will aid your body in digesting the fat and help you not gain weight!


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