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Old McDonald’s August 18, 2009

Filed under: Health Facts and Concerns,MUST READS — Yvette @ 1:41 pm

Honestly, it is debatable whether McDonalds is actually food.  How can you consider something food if it doesn’t decompose?  After watching the video below, I wonder, how long that burger or fries will actually sit in your body, unable to be digested.

Bread should be moldy after a month, the meat should be rotting and breaking down within DAYS, the cheese should be sour and foul.  The reason why I say this is, most people don’t know when the animal was killed when eating a burger at McDonalds or any fast food joint.  There are so many artificial flavorings to cover up any fecal matter or rotting, you would never know.

Below is a clip, after the first minute it shows an actor smelling a couple of chemicals.  These chemicals are put into the food at McDonalds.  This is not fiction, this is based off of Eric Schossler’s book Fast Food Nation.  There are tons of labs where Food Scientists manufacture smells.  So you’re not tasted a grilled hamburger, you are tasting a chemical that was formulated to think you are.  In reality what you are eating is much scarier.

Here is another video that you must watch.   I ask the same question as the woman in the video below, what are they putting into these burgers?  AND what are Americans, and people across the world putting into their bodies as they chomp down on their Big Macs?


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