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Necessary Appliances for Easy, Healthy Meals February 20, 2010

The vast majority of Americans eat out several times a week.  How many times a week do you eat out?  When we go out to eat, we let others control what goes into our food.  If you desire to be a healthy eater, then eating out is really not something you want to do frequently.  But if you don’t have the time or the desire to put in some real effort at first then there are some things you can do to help you start.  They do involve you buying certain appliances.

The two important appliances for eating healthy would be a rice cooker/vegetable steamer and a blender.  You could conceivably just live off the food from those two appliances and you would be in great shape.

Rice cooker/vegetable steamer – You can pick up a rice cooker/vegetable steamer at Target or any chain store for about $30.  Steaming vegetables is the cooking method that destroys the least amount of nutrients.  The steamer also does ALL the work for you, when you stir fry, you have to watch the pan anyways.  Who wouldn’t want to do less work and have healthier food?  Steaming certain vegetables can be easier on the digestive system than eating them raw.  Cruciferous vegetables such as brocolli, asparagus and kale can create a lot of gas otherwise.  As for the rice, just measure the water and throw the grains in and it’ll beep when it’s ready.  You really should be eating brown rice or wild rice, since these are the grains with cancer and heart disease fighting agents.  Once the food is done you have yourself what my boyfriend calls a Buddha Bowl, rice and veggies!  If you want some more flavor feel free to add some dressing 🙂

Blender – I posted many many recipes for smoothies.  Blenders make really easy on the go meals that are really healthy.  Suppose you are running late and don’t have time to throw together a sandwich or some other meal.  You can throw a few pieces of fruit and some leafy greens into the blender and you have yourself a tasty, healthy, raw meal.  This will also prevent you from going out to eat on your lunch break.  The best way to stay healthy is to try and prevent situations where you’ll be tempted to eat not-so-healthy food.  If you really want to go the extra mile I would recommend getting the Vita Mix.  This is the blender I use…and it is AMAZING…it is by far the most used appliance in my kitchen.


3 Responses to “Necessary Appliances for Easy, Healthy Meals”

  1. Gale Says:

    good info – thanks. I can’t wait to go home tonight and make another veggie smoothie! g

  2. Gale Says:

    Hi Yvette, I’m looking for a steamer – which one do you have? I see a bunch of them at Target, but am not sure which one I should get. thanks, g

    • Yvette Says:

      We have the AROMA…it works well, I’m sure any one of them will do though 🙂 It’s not like blenders! See you tonight 🙂

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