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About October 24, 2008

I named this blog rethink because over the past few years I have been doing exactly that, rethinking what food means to me.  I’m excited to have a place to organize all my thoughts and share them with you.

Since I will be discussing a lot about nutrition, I’ve decided to also post recipes for anyone that wants to try them.  My intention is to not only speak about nutrition, but give people the option to incorporate healthy eating into their diet.  We should also understand why the meals we prepare are healthy; this is why I include explanations of not only how to prepare the meal, but also why it is considered healthy in my eyes.  Note that all the recipes posted on my blog are vegan/beegan, which means they contain no meat, fish, dairy, or eggs.

I do believe that a plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat, I realize that not all people are ready to give up meat, dairy and eggs entirely.    You need to be both physically and mentally prepared to make these kinds of transitions.  So, I plan to promote more of a whole foods approach to eating.  My hope is that you will incorporate the ideas at your own pace, no matter what diet you follow.

Feel free to ask questions, disagree with me and please share with me too if you find anything interesting!


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