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Restaurant Advice February 7, 2010

Note to all vegans and vegetarians Thai food is not usually animal free!!!! Read the information on this website and make sure you ask your server!

In general : I find that going to diners is sometimes the easiest bet.  I order a salad with avocado and veggies; this way you can be sure what you are getting is vegan.  Any sushi bar should be able to make you a vegetable roll.

If you have anything to add please feel free!


Vegan friendly

  • Josie’s – good place to take non-vegetarians, they serve organ sustainable food, they serve vegan, vegetarian, and non vegetarian meals
  • Pukk – the only Thai restaurant listed as VEGETARIAN in the city, they serve vegan and vegetarian meals


  • Caravan of Dreams – organic raw and cooked vegan food, very light and fresh
  • Quintessence – raw organic vegan
  • One Lucky Duck – raw organic vegan takeout
  • Pure Food and Wine – raw vegan organic (have a lot of onions and garlic in their food)
  • Tien Garden – organic vegan Chinese food (no onions or garlic in ANY of their food)
  • Bonobos – raw vegan (very little foods contain onions and garlic)


Vegan Friendly

  • Sugar Pearl – serves a variety of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes (do not always have fresh food, if you are sensitive to food that has been sitting out please avoid this restaurant!!  I did not have a good experience last time)
  • Sahota Palace – Indian food – serves vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes (there are entrees you can get without onions!!!)
  • The Taj Mahal – Indian food- serves vegan, and they are really really nice about making any dish vegan or onion free, so I am sure they would cater to many allergies!
  • Alto Cinco – Mexican
  • Dolce Vita – Italian – only one or two vegan meals (but they aren’t salads…)


  • Stronghearts – an all vegan cafe!
  • Roji – Tea house – all deserts are vegan – several teas come with milk but soy milk is always available


Vegan Friendly

  • Whole in the Wall – organic cuisine serves vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals
  • Lost Dog Cafe – (same as above)
  • Cyber Cafe – (same as above)


Vegan friendly

  • Moosewood – one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants, they usually only serve one vegan meal per night, and they serve fish


  • Food for the Planet – organic raw and cooked vegan food


Vegan friendly

  • Merge – serves a wonderful variety of food – vegan, vegetarian and very few meat dishes

Since I don’t eat out often I make a lot of my own food.  Finding raw nuts, seeds, nut butters and olives are really tricky in Upstate New York.  Here are some links to where I order my food:


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