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Supplements, Vitamins & Minerals June 23, 2010


HCl acid – Some people with mineral or vitamin deficiencies will not absorb these nutrients despite the amount of supplements they take.  This is because the HCl acid in our stomach is so low.  If you suffer from deficiencies or chronic indigestion you may want to consider taking HCl acid after your meals.  This is really only recommended on a regular basis for people over the age of 50 because this is when HCl starts to decrease in the body.  They can be used for a short period after an intense fast until the HCl returns to the stomach, this is usually within a week.

Digestive enzymes – Digestive enzymes are stored in the pancreas, at the age of 25 this enzyme supply starts to decrease.  The depletion of enzymes is related to aging.  This supplement is good to take when you are eating cooked food.  This will give your body some help and take away that sluggish feeling after a meal.  I take a wide spectrum digestive enzyme called Digest Gold which can be found in most health food stores.  This is a vegan, kosher, plant based digestive enzyme.

Triphala – This supplement is great if you don’t move your bowels regularly.  Triphala is NOT a laxative it is a combination of three herbs and it actually strengthens the colon.  This can be used for a week after doing an intense fast.  Or if you tend to have slow or irregular bowel movements you can take this every night before bed for a year and it should strengthen the muscles of your colon.

Probiotics – These good bacteria are highly recommended if you have taken a lot of antibiotics in your life.  Good bacteria is necessary for good colon health.  The colon is actually where disease starts, if you do not have a healthy colon then you can not properly eliminate waste.  The waste will accumulate in your body and this is how diseases manifest.  Probiotics are taken in the morning 1 hour before food.


D3 – Most people, especially people who live in Upstate New York or work all the time are deficient in Vitamin D.  But not all vitamin D is made equally, D2 is not easily absorbed by the body, so it is recommended to take D3.

B12 – Many people suffer from a lack of Vitamin B12, this is not excluded to vegans and vegetarians!!!  This is mainly due to the two different types of the vitamin, the analog and the human active.  When the two are present together, which occurs often in most foods, the analog inhibits the absorption of the human active vitamin.  Even if you are drinking soy milk with B12 added the B12 will often be the analog version that our bodies can not absorb.


Mineral deficiencies can cause serious ailments.  Mother Earth Minerals now supplies Angstrom Sized minerals.  This means that the minerals are the same size as they are in plants.  Most supplements are too large and not easily absorbed by the body.  But because these minerals are so small they are water soluble.

Here are listed several high quality sources of the supplements talked about above and where to find them:


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